Corrugated Paper Boxes

We are counted amongst thewell-known manufacturers and suppliers of a splendid range of packaging products,for example Corrugated Box. Our corrugated boxes are finishedusing thepremium quality paper sheets that areavailed from the renowned vendors. We manufacture our paper wrapping boxes in anarray ofsizeas per the customer’s needs. Our packaging boxes hold features like tear resistance and better strength.
• Environment-friendly • Top Quality • Long-lasting • Leakage Proof • Elite Designs • Accessibility in Different Sizes &Colours • Great Quality

Corrugated Paper Sheets
Our business has been flourishingin the remotemarket withfantastic batches of Corrugated Boxes Sheet. Making use ofadvanced machinery along with the revolutionary techniques and equipment, these boxes are formedfalling in line with the international standards. In addition, our skilled team performsthe required trialsbefore thefinal dispatch of the shipment.
• Environment-friendly • Top Quality • Long-lasting • Leakage Proof • Elite Designs • Accessibility in Different Sizes &Colours • Great Quality

Corrugated Pallets
The Corrugated Pallets are producedkeeping in mind the necessities of the client. These are admired by our clientsfor their appropriate usage that guaranteesapt storage along with the carriage.
• Can be obtained in various varieties • Long-Lasting • Ultimate Finish

Printed Corrugated Box
We are occupied in the manufacturing of a great variety of Packaging solutions that consists of Printed Corrugated Box & Multi Printed Corrugated Box. We fall amongst theforemost manufacturers and suppliers of Printed & Multi-Printed Corrugated Boxes. Our printed Boxes are produceswith therequired power, appeal & array to complement thepromisingcustomer demands. Our printed boxes can be availed in various sizes that entirely meet thecustomer requirements.
• Can be had in range of Size, design, colors • Long-Lasting • Environment-friendly • Remarkable • Premium Quality

Corrugated Paper Rolls
Corrugated Roll is one of our products that we manufacture and supply. The roll is manufacturedusing paper and these products are extensivelyused for packaging various products that include plastic ware, glassware and steel utensils. You can also use the roll for packing various other handicraft items.
• Protect from scratch • Highest Quality • Offered in Different Sizes • Resilient

HDP Laminated Corrugated Boxes
We are involved into theproduction, supply and selling a great range of HDPE Laminated Boxes at wholesale rates. These boxes are manufacturedwith HDPE material and are recognized for their water durability feature. Moreover, the material used in these boxes prevents them from moisture etc. You can get these boxesin a range of sizes & specifications.
• Long Lasting • Eco-friendly • Reusable • Very Durable • Water Resistant

Self-Locking Boxes
We confiscate animportant industrial experience in the domain of self-locking and thus fetch you thebest Self Locking Boxes. Primarily used for packagingagreat collection of commodities, the offered pallet is produced by our capableteam of employees with great knowledge in the particulararea. These boxes can be had in various sizes as per the customer’s demands. Our box is greatlyused by our consumersthroughout the country.
• Superb Visibility • Environmental Friendly • Available in Different Size • Resilient • High Quality & Finishing

Laminated Boxes
All thanks to the efforts of ourskilled team that has made the availability of a wide range of Laminated Packaging Boxes into the market possible. These boxes stick to the international standards and regulations. These are the best for alluring and beautiful packaging. You can obtain them in various thickness depending upon your needs.
• Reusable • Long-Lasting • Stunning • Light Weight • Top Quality • Moisture Resistant

Heavy Duty Corrugated Box
We are the prime manufacturer & supplier of themain quality range of Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes. We bringyou these boxesexclusively for the packaging of heavyweight materials that consists of machinery, television, air conditioners and a choice of other heavy products. We thereforeproduce our boxes with the help ofquality material and manufacture these under the regulation of our expert team. Our heavy duty corrugated box is extremely durable in terms of strength, stiffness and capability to hold heavy loads.
• Long-Lasting • Great Quality • High Load-bearing Capacity • Eco-friendly

White Duplex Corrugated Box
We produce, turn out and deliverenormous range of White Duplex Corrugated Boxes. We plan the prints as per our clients’ requirements.These boxes are helpfulin packing some customer durable goods and areproducedwith the help ofpremium quality raw material that is availed from remarkable vendors.
• Offered in Various Sizes • Premium & Striking • Environmental Friendly • High Strength

Shipping Boxes
We get youthe whole lotthat you require when it’s all about bespoke and printed corrugated shipping boxes. Quality.We at Modi’s, promise the excellence of our corrugated products. Our packaging engineers practice a standard processalong withthe designing and manufacturing pre-production samples that is carried out for trial and testing. We leave no stone unturned toassure that our end product go through the thoroughness of packing, managing, static storage and shipping. We perform the below high-end tests:

Bursting Strength Tester
• Bursting strength of Corrugated Board • Burst factor of incoming paper, and

Crush Tester
• RCT of paper, • ECT of the corrugated board, • CCT & CMT of paper, • Flat crush of Corrugated Board, • Pin adhesion test.

Compression Strength Tester
• Helps in shaping the capacity of corrugated boxes for resistancein case of external compressive loads.

Puncture Resistance Tester
• Scrutinizingthe energy necessary to oblige a puncture head through corrugated board

Quality assurance
We are anacknowledged ISO-9001-2000 Certified Company that aims todeliverjust the first-class products by following thestrict quality guidelines. Our quality auditors make certain that only perfect products reach our clients. To attain this, we have a planned project management system that enables our skilled analysts get hold ofthe raw material from reliable vendors guaranteeing itsbest quality. Our skilled inspectors observe all the processes ardently and authenticate the finished products on the preset parameters to reassuresound results.
• Dust Resistant • Moisture Resistant • Strength • Strong Adhesive • Durability