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EVA Bags for Rubber:

1.       EVA bags not only have the ability to wrap raw rubber,they also restrict the settlement of dust on rubber.

2.       For the manufacturing of pouches containing pre-weighted chemicals, EVA film rolls can be used for automatic weigh-metric processes of fill seal machines.

3.       For easier lining of HDPE bags containing chemicals, its liners can be used over other traditional processing equipment.

EVA Bags for Tyres:

These envelopes are very easy to maintain, they can be used to remove any excess dirt which is very hard to remove from tyres like certain stringent chemicals.

·  They are flexibly accessible in a diversified color and are available in various sizes as well.

·  These are even helpful for eliminating spills and wastage of the lavish chemicals that attaches to the surface of the tyres when they are used on the roads.

·  These kinds of bags are mostly utilized as a part of pressing rubber and that is being blended in a creative procedure of tyre- delivery, shoe production and tube- production.