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It acts as a Barrier between food and contaminants: Considering the quality and safety of products ,packaging materials give even greater protection to their contents, particularly in the food and beverage sector.

Protects food from impact during shipping and storage: The transport and storing of food as well as timely delivery to consumers is important in order to secure the procurement of food.Perfect packaging helps to maintain safety of the products.

Act as a dispenser: It can be used as used as a dispenser for storage and used to dispense products when required

Protects food from moisture,gas, odours and light: The main aims of packaging are to keep the food in good condition until it is sold and consumed, and to encourage customers to purchase the product. Correct packaging is essential to achieve both these objectives. The importance of packaging can be summarized as follows.
  •  If adequately packaged, the shelf-life of local surpluses of food may be extended, and this allows the food to be distributed to other areas. In doing so, consumers are given more choice in terms of food available, food resources can be more equitably distributed, and rural producers may be able to generate income from surplus produce.
  • Correct packaging prevents any wastage (such as leakage or deterioration) which may occur during transportation and distribution