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Ecommerce has been a growing business model which has achieved a lot of success over the years.Nowadays  rather than visiting a physical outlet to buy things unless absolutely necessary, we prefer to get it online. Technology has made it highly convenient for people to simply visit an ecommerce site and shop away to the heart’s content. In addition to it,  dedicated apps have been been prepared for popular ecommerce brands making shopping a really comfortable and convenient experience with the customer being given complete freedom to browse products .


Packaging plays a very important role in the ecommerce scenario. Since customers mostly rely on a digital image of the product and there are no physical outlets that may be evaluated, the brand is perceived on the basis of its delivery efficiency and product packaging. This clearly indicates that one can never be too careful while coming up with packaging solutions for ecommerce businesses.


Avoid these 4 sins of ecommerce packaging, to avoid putting your sales prospects in grave danger, along with degrading your brand’s image.

Sin #1 –Avoid  Using the Wrong Packing Box

The most common ecommerce packaging mistake that most businesses make is using the wrong packing box. Packaging needs differ from product to product and you just cannot throw everything in a box and ship it to customers. If you need to put different products together in one box, then make sure that they are properly packed individually before being put together.

Sin #2 – Over-Recycling of Packing Boxes

Being eco-friendly in your approach and reusing packing boxes is a good thing, but it won’t do you much good if you are using it again and again. Over-recycling packing boxes can actually damage your products. Every time a packaging material is recycled, it loses 50% of its durability which makes it more susceptible to damage when exposed to shocks and external forces.

Sin #3 – Incorrect Labelling

Incorrect labelling could result in the package being delivered to the wrong address and this would definitely bring the wrath of the customer on your brand. Remember, the average customer today has a lot of social connections and the smallest amount of dissatisfaction is spread like wildfire on popular social platforms. Just focus your efforts to ensure proper labelling and double check the information written on it. if you are able to please the customer, then you could benefit from the good words that would be shared for your brand.

Sin #4 – Wrong Packaging Materials Used

You need to understand the cushioning requirements for the specific products and then ensure proper sealing of the package with the use of strong packing tapes. Not every product can be packed in only corrugated boxes. There might be other requirements such as keeping the product upright or adding extra cushioning to prevent harm to the product. Evaluate the product’s requirements before deciding its packaging.