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Here is a quick look at the features of the bags. They slightly differ from one supplier to another but without any major differences.

  • They are made from coextruded LDPE films that are about 75 Micron.
  • There is a high security seal attached with the bag. You secure the seal once the items are inside the bag. Any attempt to open the seal will indicate tampering.
  •  The tape comes in different forms depending on the amount of security you require. There are mainly three or four level of tapes available for the bags.
  •  Each bag has unique serial numbers along with bar codes that helps in easy identification, especially in the long run when you are storing items in the tamper proof bags for long time.
  •  To secure the sides of the bag, there is the provision for double sealing.
  •  There is the provision for creating custom made bags to fulfill your requirement. The customization is done in terms of size of the bags.
  •  There are eight color options for the customers. It can also be made opaque or transparent as per the requirement.