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Tamper proof courier bags are excessively used nowadays by courier companies and e-commerce portals. Shipping a product or good up to a certain weight, from one location to another, demands a professional packaging that is totally secure and easy to use. Security of the packaged products is one of the vital uses to take care of for the courier companies and hence Modwrap brings in the most professional and smart solution for tamper-proof packaging.

The extremely professional designing of the courier bags and the amenity to customize the printing on the bags are few great benefits of the tamper-proof courier bags. The packaging solution providing company introduces a wide range of options to choose for product packaging. Relish the smart and attractive design of the tamper-proof bags that ensure the secure and genuine delivery of the products to the destination. The tamper-proof bags guarantees one-time packaging and the one-time opening of the bags with no intermediate tampering activity involved. The smart range of tamper-proof bags from Modwrap establishes a strong trust between the company and the clientele.       

The smart usage
  • Handy bags – ready to pack and seal
  •  Used by national/international courier and packaging companies for short or long
  • distance shipment of the goods
  •  Manufactured using tough and high-quality films
  • Hot melt adhesive strip used for safe packaging and single time opening of the bags
  • Permanent marker compatible material used for bag manufacturing
  • Complete flexibility for size of the bags as per the shipment requirement
  • Available in different colors, sizes, and designs
  • See through POD jackets used on the bag’s backside for the easy visibility of essential              
  • documents or bills
  • Multicolor customized printing available
  • Stretchable materials
  •  Standard size available of 9"x12"x60Microns
  •  Customized thickness of the bags
  •  Available in the set of 100, 250, 500 and more bags as per the need
  •  Economic price for bulk purchase
  •  Multiple times quality checked products
  •  Option available for opaque or transparent courier bag order
  • Carries more weight than ordinary bags