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Corona Virus has become a global pandemic. Infecting millions of people, leading to the deaths of thousands and exponentially growing, this virus is far from going away soon. Developing a vaccine is in the process and it might take 3-4 months or even more for a tested vaccine to be launched in the market. Taking preventions is the only weapon we currently have.  COVID-19's symptoms are that of normal flu, therefore, you never know if the person near you has flu or the deadly Coronavirus. In this case, wearing a mask is necessary for your own good.  

•    Can masks protect you from COVID-19?

The answer is yes. Wearing a mask can be very helpful during this global pandemic. It will not only protect you but, will also help in keeping the virus from spreading to others. The most dangerous factor about COVID-19 is that it spreads very easily from one person to another through contact or even breathing near an infected person. Wearing a mask helps in blocking the infected droplets carrying COVID-19 virus from entering your respiratory system. 

•    How a simple face mask can protect you from a global pandemic?

COVID-19 spreads through contact and mostly through breathing near an infected person. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus is released out in droplets. Breathing near an infected person results in the intake of the virus with the droplets. A face mask blocks tiny droplets released by people coughing or sneezing around you, which might carry the COVID-19 virus from entering your respiratory system through your nostrils or your mouth.

•    The most effective face masks

N95 has been proven to be the most effective face mask in the fight against corona. You can also wear a homemade mask which can be good enough to protect you from the coronavirus.

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