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Modwrap is here with an exciting new product  - Mini Expandable Foam Bags. These bags are very useful for the packaging and shipping of delicate, fragile, heavy and oddly-shaped products.

What is the Use of Mini-Expandable Foam Bags

Often delicate machinery parts, heavy objects, fragile and easily-breakable tools and parts are difficult to ship. Most of these products have a weird shape and so, to send them easily in a carboard box becomes difficult as they break or get damaged during transit. Until now, courier people would stuff pieces of thermocol or newspaper in between these products to provide cushioning, but it was not a 100% fool-proof method. 
Modwrap then designed these min-expandable foam bags that have proven to be quite a breakthrough for transportation of such items. These bags are quite efficient as they are impact-resistant and provide optimum amount of cushioning. These bags are space saving and can be expanded or compressed as per need. One can place any kind of articles in multiple dimensions, sizes and weights. These mini-expandable bags can fill empty spaces and add blocks for delicate parts as required. They are also quite strong and sturdy and can be used for heavy articles as well.

Features :
  • Extremely impact-resistant, high cushioning.
  • Space saving : On-demand systems for Minimum storage.
  • Universal : Protects articles of almost all dimensions, shapes and weights.
  • Versatile : Void fill, block and brace or cushion as required.
  • Robust : Effective for very heavy articles or items with sharp edges.

Where can you use Mini-Expandable Foam Bags?

These bags can be used in several industries involved in the process of manufacturing heavy and odd-shaped parts. Most of these parts are quite delicate with customized structures. If any part breaks, bends or gets damaged, the entire product can get wasted. These foam bags add optimum cushioning to prevent such damage. These foam inserts brace and block tools and parts from friction against the box packaging and stay put and safe inside.

Where to buy Mini-Expandable Foam Bags From?

Modwrap or Modi Wrapstar Pvt. Ltd. is one of the biggest manufacturers of mini-expandable foam bags. Based in Delhi, India, our company is one of the biggest manufacturers of all kinds of packaging materials. We are the leading stockiest, exporters, manufacturers and suppliers of all packaging materials and machineries.