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Courier bags that are made from high-quality low-density polyethylene are popularly referred to as LDPE courier bags. The major reason for using this material for making these bags is to offer them a soft feel with the greatest flexibility. These messenger bags are renowned for their lightweight design, as LDPE is a frivolous plastic material. 

Why LDPE courier bags are so popular?

LDPE courier bags are renowned for their low-temperature flexibility, robustness, and decay resistance. The material is mostly used in applications, where rigidity, high-temperature resistance and structural power are not required. As the name suggests, white and black LDPE courier bags with a bubble layer will be designed with a black inside and white exterior to offer them a fabulous look. 

Courier bags that come with a bubble layer jacket will usually have the best protection from the permanent peel. These bags come with an outside seal closure and an inside bubble lining. The bubble lining of these bags acts as an effective shock absorber, protecting goods inside them from breakage as well as from other unforeseen damages. The clear overlapping pocket on the body of these bags offers many benefits for users, including the inclusion of consignment notes and airway bills. 

Notable features of LDPE courier bags

White and black LDPE courier bags with a bubble layer are available with an overlapping pocket on both of their sides. E-commerce companies, courier companies, and various industries use these bags extensively. This is for the reason that they are designed with a bounty of beneficial features that include:

These bags are completely recyclable, as they are made from pure polyethylene.
Users will be capable of inserting and extracting their products from these bags easily, as they come with a high-slip lining.
These bags are capable of increasing the safety of their inside contents, as they come with a self-seal closure with a tamper-proof design.
These messenger bags offer adequate cushioning to their inside products, as they come with a bubble lining, thus reducing shipping damages.

Above all, the pressure-responsive self-seal of these LDPE courier bags will ease in packing, besides offering a super safe closure.

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