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Eco-friendly bags India saw an increase in demand when the government suddenly put a ban on single-use plastic packaging items. With global warming rising at an alarming rate and the pressure of getting more sustainable on industries and packaging units, there arose a demand for eco-friendly products.

Eventually, compostable plastic packaging bags, biodegradable packaging and such other eco-friendly products were manufactured by industries that did not put much pressure on the Nature. These degraded easily and were approved by government authorities for use in garments, hotels and such other industries where each manufactured product had to be packed separately.

Many companies started manufacturing eco-friendly products in India, but the bags manufactured by Modwrap in Faridabad, Haryana, can be categorized into one of the best quality products.

The following are some of the unique features of Modwrap products:
•    They are designed from high quality bio-degradable plastic material of more than 25 microns.
•    Their cornstarch bags act and feel like plastic, provide visibility and yet, are biodegradable.
•    They do not damage the product stored inside ensuring the safety of the product. There are different kinds of bags available such as CPE, cornstarch and other biodegradable varieties.
•    One can get these bags in different sizes and also get a required size customized.
•    They are cost-efficient and also very easy to store and carry.
•    These are the best possible inventions made for the garment packaging industry.
•    These bags are water-resistant making the product stored inside absolutely safe.
•    These bags are available in packets of 500, 1000 and more pieces.

Problems with products manufactured by other companies:
•    The major problem of products manufactured by some companies is that their products do not contain the required micron gauge and are often manufactured in less microns, making the bags very harmful for the environment and non-degradable. Some companies often cheat the customers about giving incorrect details of the thickness.
•    Many times, companies do not keep the required stock of eco-friendly bags in India making it very difficult to continue with your packaging process.
Modwrap is one of the leading eco-friendly product manufacturers India. Based in Faridabad, Haryana, they are the largest stockiest, manufacturers and exporters of packaging products/ They are also stockiest of all kinds of courier bags and other packaging materials.

Where can you use Eco-friendly bags manufactured by Modwrap?
•    Garment Industry
Each and every garment manufactured needs to remain clean, dust-proof, fresh and neatly folded until it reaches the customers or the shopkeepers from the manufacturing units. CPE bags for garments are eco-friendly bags that do not pose a threat on the environment and yet offer all the qualities of plastic packaging.
•    Hotel Industry
There are many toiletries, food products and other items in the hotel industry that need to be packed until they are opened for use by the guests. To ensure cleanliness of the products, they need to be packed in dust-proof and water-resistant bags. Eco-friendly bags solve the purpose of packaging for hotel industry, while also not harming the environment.
This way, eco-friendly product manufacturers in India have solved the problem of packaging in India forever.

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