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Of late, the garment sector has seen an unprecedented development with a swell in the online consumer base. The coronavirus plague further increased this growth. This has made the textiles companies give strong competition to each other. Thanks to all this, online garment sellers are putting dynamic efforts to earn the trust and loyalty of their customers. One such way is offering reliable and effective packaging to the customers in the form of a courier bag.

Sizes of courier bags for packing clothes

Courier bags, which are intended for shipping clothes are available in different sizes. Similarly, they are designed for shipping specific clothes, which are intended for both men as well as women. Each of these garments needs different types and sizes of bags according to their size, such as small, medium, large, and extra large. 

The rule of thumb for choosing the right size of courier bags is by knowing the size of the garment to be shipped. They will not only be the best option for clothes packing but also for their safe and secure arrival to the desired destinations. 

Some of the different sizes of these bags for packing clothes include:

6 inches by 10 inches
7 inches by 10 inches
8 inches by 10 inches
10 inches by 12 inches
10 inches by 14 inches
12 inches by 16 inches
14 inches by 18 inches

You can also find courier bags for packing clothes online with bigger sizes other than the above-mentioned dimensions.

What is the most commonly used bags for packing clothes?

The key to making a perfect packaging of clothes mainly counts on the size of courier bags. This is for the reason that only through the right size of courier bags an online seller or retailer can deliver the clothes in their intended form.

Although these courier bags are available in different sizes, the most commonly used size is a bag that comes with a length of 16 inches and a width of 12 inches. This size of courier bags is highly preferred by sellers who ship clothes, such as shirts, tees, jeans, and other fashion garments.